Adjustment Layer Secrets

Adjustment Layer Secrets

You’ll find adjustment layers in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.  They are great ways to apply effects or adjustments.  They’re nondestructive and super flexible.

  • Be Sure to Blend – Blending an adjustment layer can significantly change the behavior of an effect.  This is a great way to create new looks from existing plug-ins.
  • Color Grade Approach – One way to grade color is to combine adjustment layers with standard effects.  Use essential color correction techniques to neutralize and issues with individual clips.  Then use an adjustment layer across the entire scene to grade or stylize.  This makes it easier to iterate different looks or refine an adjustment. Try using LUTs in Photoshop or the Lumetri presets in Adobe Premiere Pro.
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I'm a professional colorist with over 15 years grading broadcast, features and docs. I'm also an author, trainer and I speak a video industry events like NAB and IBC

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