Cleaning Up an Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

Cleaning Up an Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

During the final stages of editing your show, you’ll want to clean up the timeline. This extra organization goes a long way, as it makes future changes, such as client feedback, easier. Editors have a tendency to build their shows upward. Unfortunately, a “tall” show is often harder to move through because of all the scrolling.

Try to follow these tips:

  • Before you finish your show, try to clean up the timeline. Get your show back down to as few tracks as possible.
  • Make sure Snap is turned on by choosing Sequence > Snap to avoid unwanted gaps when dragging clips up or down in the timeline.
  • As you drag a clip straight down, the cursor will show a downward-pointing yellow arrow when the clip is properly aligned.
  • You can right-click near the top of the Timeline panel and choose Delete tracks.  One of the most useful options is the All Empty Tracks choice for Audio and Video tracks.
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