Closing Gaps in Adobe Premiere Pro

Closing Gaps in Adobe Premiere Pro

This editing trick is particularly useful when cutting down long interviews or closing gaps in a sound bite. When you find an area that needs to be excised, you can quickly make the cut from the keyboard (without having to switch tools). Simply load the entire clip into the timeline, and then edit it down on-the-fly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use J-K-L to rewind-pause-play.
  2. When you find the first gap or unwanted bit, press I to mark an In point.
  3. When you reach the end of the gap or unwanted bit, press O to mark an Out point.
  4. Press ‘ (apostrophe key) to remove the material and close the gap with an extract edit.
  5. Resume playing and repeat the procedure for the next gap.
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  2. Maurik de Ridder

    instead of mark in, go to end of clip, mark out, you can also just press mark clip. This places automatically in and out points at start and end of gap
    In cs6 this couldn’t be done… But in CC it can…
    way faster

    gr maurik

  3. Shuchi Gupta

    Is there a replacement for FCP 7′s “Ctrl+G” which was basically Close Gap, wherein you didn’t have to set any In or Out points? Much convenient. Any help is welcome :)

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