Do you know the Tilde key?

Do you know the Tilde key?

Do you ever get tired of constantly dragging panels around screen to make them bigger?  Well there’s a great shortcut for that in Premiere Pro or After Effects.

  1. Just mouse over a window to select it (wherever the cursor is floating is the targeted panel).
  2. Press the Accent Grave key (`) or Tilde (~) to maximize the panel temporarily.
  3. When done press the key a second time to restore the panel.

A few bonus tips for Premiere Pro users:

  • If your version of Premiere Pro doesn’t show this shortcut, just bring up your preferences and search for the command Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor. Map it to a key of your choosing.
  • Want a full screen view of ether the Program or Source Monitor?  Click on either panel to select it and then press Control+` to maximize the contents full frame.  Press the Escape key to exit.
  • Want to maximize selected frame (even if your cursor is nowhere near it)?  Press Shift + ` to Maximize the Active Frame.
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  1. Raivan

    The tilda key will not open up my project pane or my bins to full screen in Adobe Premiere. It only allows the source/record and timeline to go full screen. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m working with Premiere CC.

      1. Adam

        Thank you for your help.

        Strange thing is that when I use English (United Kingdom) keyboard layout I need to press shit @ to maximize window.
        When I switch keyboard layout to Polish (Programmers) tilda key ` shortcut works fine…

  2. Dave Larson

    I”m having that issue. It was working briefly, but after creating a new work space it does not. It only works for the source and record monitors now

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