Fix GoPro Footage and Photos with the New Camera Raw

Fix GoPro Footage and Photos with the New Camera Raw

If you’re working with video or photos from a GoPro Hero3, you’ll want to update your Adobe software.  Adobe just posted a new version of Adobe Camera Raw to Adobe labs (version 8.2 to be exact).  You can download the release candidate for free.

The software is for BOTH CS6 and Creative Cloud.


  1. Launch Adobe Bridge.
  2. Navigate to the photo right-click on it and choose Open in Camera Raw. For video, right-click and open it in Photoshop.  Convert it to a Smart Object and apply the Camera Raw Filter.
  3. Click the Lens Correction tab.
  4. Set the following options (if they aren’t auto detected). Make: GoPro | Model: Choose from Black, Silver, or White
  5. Adjust the Distortion slider to remove distortion and get a straight horizon.
  6. Use any other useful camera raw adjustments like Basic, Tone Curve, and Detail tabs.
  7. Click Open Image when Done.
  8. For video, choose File > Export > Render Video.


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  1. Salvador Garza

    Hi Richard,

    I’ve downloaded and installed the new version of Adobe Camera Raw, I’m trying to open a video file in camera raw like you describe in your post, however the option is to open in camera raw is disabled. I guess this is just for stills? I was intrigued at being able to use camera raw controls (even though the video file is not raw).

  2. Richard Harrington

    You can also apply camera raw as a filter. Open video in Photoshop. Make ir a smart object. Apply filter under filter menu.

  3. alex

    Hello , ¿ Can the Camera Row of Adobe help me with the distortion of the Gopro for practice with Agisoft and create 3d Models and practice photogrametry?,

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