How to create a video story with Premiere Pro, Part 3 of 6

This is part three of a six part series.  Adobe had us record it for the offical Creative Cloud Learning Center.  This is a great way to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro (but we did sneak in a few advanced tips too).  There are also hands on files so you can get some real practice. Be sure to watch part 2.

Now that we have set up the project and imported media assets, we’re ready to start editing the video. We will set in and out points on the clips, and then add the clips and photos to the timeline. Finally, we’ll bring in a couple of audio tracks to bring your video to life. You’’ll use markers and audio keyframes in Premiere Pro to line up your clips in the timeline and adjust the volume of the audio.
Create a timeline

  • Create a new sequence (1:41)
  • Add audio (2:20)
  • Add shots (8:35)
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