How to create a video story with Premiere Pro, Part 4 of 6

This is part four of a six part series.  Adobe had us record it for the offical Creative Cloud Learning Center.  This is a great way to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro (but we did sneak in a few advanced tips too).  There are also hands on files so you can get some real practice. Be sure to watch part 3.

Now it’s time to add a title to your video. This helps engage your audience and set their expectations. In this video tutorial, you will use the Premiere Pro titler to create and style a title asset. You’ll then add the title to the timeline.
Add a title
  • Open the titler (0:12)
  • Style the text (0:56)
  • Add the title (2:24)
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I'm a visual storyteller exploring the fusion of photography and video. I'm also a husband and father.

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