HP Updates Dreamcolor line, now Z Displays from 22 to 30in.

HP Updates Dreamcolor line, now Z Displays from 22 to 30in.

HP has updated their professional displays, adding the Z27i and Z30i to the existing Dreamcolor line. Designed for content creators, designers and professionals across a wide range of applications, leveraging the color critical accuracy of the Dreamcolor product line in the fields of architecture, science or media and entertainment where the image accuracy, color fidelity and product reliability optimized for professional needs.

The new displays provide coverage based in the sRGB colorspace, standardized for optimal viewing creative, engineering and professional applications with the new Z 27i and Z30i offering 100% coverage with the Z30i additionally able to cover the entire Adobe© RGB color space, predominate in the fields of Professional Photography and Prepress.

Z Series Workstations shown with the Z27i and Z30i Displays

Z Series Workstations shown with the Z27i and Z30i Displays

All the new Z Displays are built with the latest IPS Gen2 panels offering lower screen latency and power savings up to 37% lower than previous models, HP’s ongoing environmental commitment mean that the Z Displays are ENERGY STAR qualified and EPEAT Gold registered assisting you to control your companies environmental impact. Units include an integrated USB 3.0 hub with one upstream and 4 downstream ports with a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically.

The new Z27i supports resolutions up to 2560×1440 that provides 3.7 M pixels, 1000-1 contrast range, 5M-1dynamic contrast ratio with input via Display Port, HDMI, VGA and DVI-D as well as supporting HDCP security on all digital inputs (not available for VGA) and will be available at $729 MSRP starting in October 2013

The Z30i adds additional resolution up to 2560×1600, and additional color space support with 100 % of the Adobe© RGB colorspace and 4.1M pixels of visual information with a reduced size bezel designed with multi-monitor viewing in mind. The Z30i display is available immediately at $1,329 MSRP.


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