Importing a Final Cut Pro Project

Importing a Final Cut Pro Project

Video editing is often a collaborative process. You may need to work with someone else’s editing project that was started using Final Cut Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a very flexible editing solution. You can easily import projects and media started on other edit systems. For example, moving a project over from Apple Final Cut Pro is a snap.

  1. In Final Cut Pro, mark an In and Out point within a sequence for the range you’d like to export.
  2. Choose File > Export > XML. In the dialog box that opens, choose Apple XML Interchange Format, version 4 (or later), and click OK.
  3. Specify a location for the new XML file (such as your project folder) and click OK. The XML file is small and references the original media on your drive. It will only take a few seconds to write.
  4. Switch to Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project using a preset that most closely matches the video format you’ve been using.
  5. In Adobe Premiere Pro, choose File > Import. Navigate to the XML file you created and click Import.
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro creates a sequence and adds the media and a report to the project.
  7. Update the edit or work with the imported project sources.
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