Looking for a Wireframe Mode in Premiere Pro? Try the Transform Button.

Looking for a Wireframe Mode in Premiere Pro?  Try the Transform Button.

A lot of users coming to Adobe Premiere Pro look for a wireframe mode.  This is often used in other apps to let you easily click and drag an object directly on the canvas to move, scale, or reposition.  Well, it exists in Premiere Pro, it’s just easy to miss.

Click the icon next to the effects name.



Look for it on these effects:

  • Motion
  • Corner Pin
  • Crop
  • Garbage Matte
  • Mirror, Transform
  • Twirl.

A bounding box with a crosshair and handles appears around the clip in the Program panel.

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  1. Clara C

    Hi Richard,

    I’m going back to Premiere after many years with FCP. This may be a rookie question but I’m having a bit of trouble with repositioning multiple elements in Premiere.

    In FCP I would select the clips and then, having the wireframe option on, I would just drag them all together accross the screen. In Premiere, it seems the wireframe only works for single clips. Am I right? And is there a way around this? Pasting atributes for motion doesn’t work when you have elements of different sizes, so that doesn’t cut it for me…

    Imagine having a logo, with a bar below it, and (why not?) a text on top. 3 different layers, with different sizes. You compose it just right on the screen and then the director tells you, can you just make it bigger? or move accross the screen from left to right? how would you do it? (in FCP this is piece of cake, hope there’s a way in Premiere…)

    1. Luke

      Yeah Clara, i miss this too.
      They think on the most amazing features, but not on these small but very helpful details.
      In this case, i think you’d have to select the three layers, right click and the nest into sequence for this to work. It’s a sollution but, it ain’t cool to always have to create (and also have in your project) a lot of sequences just for this.

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