Meet the Keyframes: Continuous Bezier

Meet the Keyframes: Continuous Bezier

Keyframes are often used for things like animation, fades, and effects.  But most users don’t understand them.  Here we’ll explore a couple of the major methods keyframes interpolate (or blend) from one to another.

The Continuous Bezier interpolation option is similar to the Auto Bezier option, but it provides some manual controls. The motion or value path will have smooth transitions, but you can adjust the shape of the Bezier curve on both sides of the keyframe with a control handle.


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  1. Mirry

    brainsgonedead2000 August 26, 2012 Just tried this plgiun, love Andrew Kramers site but this is not for me. I just feel that 3DS Max or Maya or similar will be better as you can do so much more. But for opportunists which I am not I expect this will be perfect for them. But yes I agree that the rendering speed is second to none, I bet Mr Kramer could make a few bucks if he sold his secret. Still keep up the good work Video CoPilot, we need you!

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