Merging and Syncing Premiere Pro Clips with Audio Sync

This tutorial is from a new course, the Premiere Pro Technology Preview presented by author Rich Harrington. The complete course duration is 2 hours and 7 minutes long and explores the features that are designed to get video producers and editors excited about the online subscription version of Adobe Premiere Pro.


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  1. Zac

    Is there a way to do this to add multiple video clips to one audio clip? It’s not a 2 camera setup, just a lot of video clips and one audio clip.


      1. Timber_Wolf

        What if all video clips have matching time code? I have yet to find a way to sync multiple tiny clips with one full-length clip.

        I’d even settle for being able to space out those smaller video clips (by time code) in a separate timeline and then copy/paste into the master timeline where they need to be.

        But individually syncing dozens of clips over an hour-long production is ridiculous.

  2. Damien Kincannon

    Is there are way to select a bin of video clips and a bin of audio clips (DSLR with separate audio) and have Premiere analyze and sync them in batches like Avid. I have a mountain of audio and video clips, but with no rhyme or reason to the file name, no timecode, no slates, just waveforms. But without knowing which audio files go with which video files, it’s impossible (or least time-consuming). THanks.

  3. Nelson

    I am using CS 6.0 and have a subscription to updates. I don’t see any updates available for Pr. and when I right-click, merge, I do not see any option to merge using audio.




  4. Rashin

    when I enter merge clips the dialog box that opens doesn’t have a audio option. So, I can’t merge the audio clips based on their audio waves. Its too much work to merge them based on in and out points. Can some one help me and tell me how can I add this option?

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