Moving Around the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

Moving Around the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

As you work in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll likely need to quickly move through the timeline. Whether to get to the next edit, move a few frames, or nudge a layer, there are some useful shortcuts to speed up the process.

Make sure the Timeline panel is selected for these shortcuts to work:

  • Press the Right Arrow key to move forward one frame.
  • Press the Left Arrow key to move backward one frame.
  • Add the Shift key to jump five frames.
  • Press – (minus key) to zoom out in the timeline.
  • Press + (plus key) to zoom in the timeline.
  • Select a clip and press Command (Mac OS) or Ctl (Windows) + Right Arrow to nudge it forward one frame. Add the Shift key to nudge it five frames. Use the Left Arrow key to move backwards.
  • Select a clip and press Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) + Up Arrow to nudge it forward up one track.  Use the down arrow to nudge it down a track.
  • Press the  Down key to go to the next edit (track must be targeted).
  • Press the  Up key to go to the previous edit (track must be targeted).
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  1. Eric Horst

    Long time Final Cut Pro user… newly converted Premiere user.

    One thing I miss is using Shirft+arrow key to advance 1 second in time. Premiere only allows 5 frames. Is there a way to set preferences for this?

    1. Will

      Figured out that…
      SHIFT + I
      SHIFT + O
      …jumps to the “in” or “out” points of a sequence respectively. If you’re main sequence doesn’t have an “in” or “out,” it should jump to the beginning or the end of the sequence, which is in essence the same thing.

  2. Pacifist Duck

    I did something and now instead of moving ONE FRAME forwards or backwards while using the arrow keys, it moves about 500 times forwards and backwards IN ONE FRAME, I cant find how to fix this, anyone know what to do?

  3. Marlys

    I am a former Avid editor and am learning Premiere, Is there a way to jump a specified amount of time in either the timeline or the source window? In Avid you can type + or – in the source or edit monitor and jump the amount of time you type in. Anything like that in Premiere?

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