Q&A: Can I purchase a perpetual license for the new Creative Cloud (CC) applications?

Q&A: Can I purchase a perpetual license for the new Creative Cloud (CC) applications?

No. The new CC versions of the desktop applications are available only through Creative Cloud offerings for individuals, teams, and enterprise.

Adobe does not have any current plans to release future CC tools outside Creative Cloud. However, for organizations such as government agencies and educational institutions that are unable to deploy cloud services, Adobe offers Creative Cloud desktop apps through a Creative Cloud Desktop Applications subscription for government agencies, and via the Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) for educational institutions through the channel.


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  1. James Phillips

    This answer is horrendous Adobe you should be ashamed of not offering perpetual license, individuals especially youtube content creators cannot justify such mammoth cost unless they have video to edit everyday which a vast majority do not, cannot or will not. People buy things outright for high production usage. Updates are not normally necessary until it is mandatory i.e new operating system compatibility and support can be found on forums or in books negating the need to email or phone all the time. Subscription may ensure regular profit for your company but there should be the option to have perpetual license like microsoft office, people want functionality and ownership more than updates. subscription caters only to rich people and disregards the poorer and unemployed who you could still benefit from, it’s common sense to offer different plans for different people i.e a business is not the same as an individual. Renting is a temporary solution for most people and is more expensive long term, inevitably people will look elsewhere for perpetual license as not everyone is made of money or really needs petty updates. Goodbye adobe.

  2. Andy

    So sad. And I thought only AVID was elitist enough to drive small content creators and businesses away without a care in the world. Is it just me or a “Beach Bum” should be able to relate to someone who can´t afford a monthly subscription?

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