Q&A: What applications are included in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Q&A: What applications are included in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud includes all tools in Production Premium and the Master Collection, plus several others as illustrated in the breakdown below. You’ll also get many other tools and services, including 20GB of cloud storage and access to Behance ProSite, a social network that is a premiere place for motion graphic artists to connect and showcase their work.

Creative Cloud Apps include:

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  1. Karlien

    Why did Adobe Flash CC Professional drop Actionscript 2.0 ? Now I can’t design flash sites and load in features, nor create 3D rotations using On-Release behaviors. Is this possible to do with 3.0 as well?

    I have been using behaviors ever since CS4, why change it now?

    This really makes things difficult!

    1. Rod Harlan

      Lety – Encore has ceased development. While not part of the new CC, if you have an account you can still download it under the CS6 software section. There just aren’t that many people making DVDs anymore…

  2. Nate

    Was really worried after i bought the creative cloud 50/mo plan. The instructions it gives you says “after installation you will now be able to open your Adobe Photoshop” nothing else stated. Needing After Effects and Premier. After reading this a huge weight off my shoulders!

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  5. Sam

    We are developing private app using phoneGAP+Cordova. PhoneGap has 50MB free plan,, till 100MB it is paid plan and till 1GB it is Adobe createive could membership. So which membership we have to take. Also it states 25 apps, so can we build 25 different apps with this account? What would be the cost to buy this could membership?

    Please Suggest.


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