Rearranging Clips in Premiere Pro CC

Rearranging Clips in Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC allows you to move insert clips in the timeline. Let’s say are your clips are laid out nicely on the V1 track.  Move inserting can ensure that if you move a clip forward or later in time , no gaps will appear.

To move insert a clip:

  1. Select a clip in the middle of your sequence and drag it earlier in the timeline.
  2. As you drag hold down the Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt modifier keys.  You’ll notice an icon showing an arrow pointing to the right  (insert) along with a hooked arrow.
  3. When you reach the desired area release the selection followed by the modifier keys.  The clips are rearranged in the timeline accordingly.


Nick Harauz: I’m an Adobe Certified Trainer, producer, editor and author.


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I’m an Adobe certified trainer, producer, editor and author.

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