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    Kentucky and such areas with "dry" counties are only legally & theoretically dry, not actually dry. Remember that. Folks that would/do outlaw alcohol to reduce drunkeness have about as many brain cells as those who think that gun control reduces crime

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    that bikes must be in single file. I have been given the finger and screamed at by bikers and I try not to get close and I go slow around them (much to the dismay of the people riding up my ass to go 50mph). It’s a dangerous road with blind curves, people driving way over the speed limit & something needs to be done for everyone’s safety.

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    sur Médiapart une vive controverse. Ce qui m’irrite, j’ai écrit :« Vos controverses sont sans doute justifiées, je n’en n’ai aucune idée, n’ayant que les informations des médias ordinaires, sans connaissance sur place…mais le vrai, l’essentiel pour moi, est qu’une tuerie est en cours. D’où qu’elle vienne, par quel qu’il soit elle a lieu, c’est, pour moi, ça le principal. »

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