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I'm a professional colorist with over 15 years grading broadcast, features and docs. I'm also an author, trainer and I speak a video industry events like NAB and IBC

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  1. wolf

    what are the rest of the steps before and after this demo to actually make my edited multicam footage in PPro look right in case i need to re-edit another version etc? do i import both cameras raw footage into speedgrade? use shot matcher, then render out of speedgrade, import/replace clips in project bins or in timeline with them?

    i realize doing it only for what i cut saves time, but only if i never have to edit the sequence ever again, so lets just assume i have more future options if i render all raw files from show begin to end.

  2. wolf

    note: the video shows a single multicam edited finished sequence not raw footage from two separate cameras. how might that change the two playhead equation? is this proposed method a final step after renders out of ppro on the way to youtube/dvd/ etc.?

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