Tightening up the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline

Tightening up the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline

A clean, tight timeline speeds up editing. Here are a few quick tips to keep your editing neat and tidy.

  • Use workspaces: You’ll find useful workspaces for Audio, Color Correction, Editing, Effects, and Metalogging. Choose Window > Workspace and then select the desired task. You can also create new workspaces or reset an existing workspace to its default view.
  • Delete unused tracks: Right-click on a track in the timeline and choose Delete Tracks. In the pop-up window, you can choose to remove all empty audio and video tracks.
  • Rename tracks: You can right-click on an audio or video track to rename it. This can make organization easier (especially for complex audio mixes).
  • Drag down: You can reduce your layers if you have stacked clips upon clips using multiple video tracks. Drag them down to overwrite the clips below them. If Snap is on, it will ensure that your clip doesn’t move left or right as you move it down. You can also use Option+Down arrow (Alt+Down arrow) to nudge clips down a track.
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