Video is a Team Sport

Video is a Team Sport

This is the hardest message for most coming into the world of video to accept. You cannot truly make a professional video in isolation. Am I saying that one person can’t do everything? No.  But can they do it well?

Consider the following:

  • Video projects often have firm deadlines – Whether it’s an air date, a live event, a corporate meeting, or a project launch.  Deadlines are standard in the world of video, having a team means bench strength and safety in numbers.
  • You’ll make more money doing what you do best – How many photographers are magazine publishers? Does the graphic designer sell the advertisements and write all the stories? What about when publishing a book… does the author fire up their personal printing press?
  • The creative mind is like a hive – Adding additional people that you trust can really lead to a better product.  I find that having other professionals around keeps me from slipping into my old habits.  It also leads to creative discussions that push the envelope and lead to a better outcome.


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