When to use the Import command in Premiere Pro

When to use the Import command in Premiere Pro

There are several ways to import media into Premiere Pro. Knowing which method to choose is based on several criteria. When is the File > Import command the best choice? The answer is, it depends. Choose File > Import or use  the keyboard shortcuts, Control+I (Windows) or Command+I (Mac OS), to open the standard Import dialog.

  • This method works best for self-contained assets such as graphics and audio.
  • This is a good method when you know exactly where those assets are on your drive and you want to quickly navigate to them.
  • Don not use the Import command for camera native formats files that use complex folder structures with separate files for audio and video. These clips are often spanned across multiple clips and files. For camera-originated media, you’ll instead rely on the Media Browser.
  • Want another way to open the Import dialog box?  Just  double-click an empty area of the Project panel.
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